Paintings on canvas (photo canvas) are a great gift and an ideal interior detail. Photo canvas is the printing of photos, paintings and reproductions on canvas, which is stretched over wooden supports. We will print your photos in the highest print resolution and you will receive them completely ready to hang on the wall! Sizes:
• 60×80 cm – 35e+pvm
• 100×70 cm – 40e+pvm



We stretch each printed canvas onto the stretcher by hand, ensuring that every corner is well taut. We pull the printed canvases on a wooden support. We buy beams from Lithuanian manufacturers who use only certified Lithuanian wood for production.

Larger supports have reinforcement crossbars (60×90 and 75×100 cm formats), which guarantee
that the large-format picture will not distort.

40×60 cm and other larger supports have tension corners that guarantee that the fabric will be
properly tensioned. All the supports we use are 2 cm thick.

The hanging cable is hidden under the fabric so that it does not scratch your walls.