Doy-pack bags are aluminized

Doy-pack aluminized zip-lock bags. Perfect for packing: coffee, tea, spices, dried fruits, sweets, seeds, chemicals, etc.

Dimensions & price:

100ml – box 5000 pcs.
250 ml – box of 500 pcs.
500 ml – box 500 pcs.
750 ml – box of 500 pcs.
1000 ml – box 500 pcs.
2000 ml – box 500 pcs.
3000 ml – box 500 pcs.
5000 ml – box 450 pcs.
7000 ml – box 200 pcs.

A discount applies to larger quantities.


Doy-pack metallic bags with zip closure. Perfect for packaging: coffee, tea, spices, dried fruits, sweets, seeds, chemical products, etc.

Doy pack bags differ from other bags in that they have a bottom. And the refills can stand firmly in a vertical position, and they are also easy to display on store shelves. The most important thing is that this type of packaging is very economical and allows you to save on transportation and storage costs. The bags are light, so they take up less space, they are convenient to store and use. It is a great alternative to plastic, tin or glass packaging.