Painting tape (Carbon tape) 64mm x 300m Wax

4.22 without VAT

Type of tape: Wax base (WAX)

Extraction: 64 x 300m.

Quantity: 300m

Inner diameter of carbon (painting) tape: 25.4 mm

Color: Black

Rotation: Out (painting outwards)

WAX tapes. The wax is softer, the printed image is less resistant to smudges, scratches, chemical and environmental factors.
Wax ribbons are usually used for printing on matte or semi-glossy paper, when the customer is more interested in the economic aspect of the decision than the durability of the print.

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WAX strips. The majority of the paint on these strips is wax. WAX ink ribbons have a lower melting point, so it is possible to print at a lower temperature, thus reducing the load on the print head’s print pairs. Therefore, sp is less wasted. head resource.
The resistance of the tape to scratches, cleaning, the effects of chemical agents and environmental factors is low. They are mostly used for printing on matte or semi-matte black and white stickers. WAX tapes are the cheapest.