546.00 without VAT

Label roll core: 76 mm

Label roll max. width: 155 mm

Winding max. speed: 1250 mm/s

Max. outer diameter of label roll: 300 mm

This outer wrapper wraps labels up to 155 mm wide. Wraps a roll of labels up to 300 mm in diameter. Torque and direction can be controlled on the control panel.

This winder has two selectable torque ranges as well as variable tension adjustment between the printer and winder.

CAT-3 is made of only quality materials, has a solid steel construction and non-slip feet to keep the device from moving.

The CAT-3 is designed without belts or clutches, reducing the need for maintenance.


All CAT-3 models can be equipped with a tension handle, which ensures that the labels are twisted with the same stiffness throughout the roll. It also ensures that the wrapper does not pull the labels from the printer. The tension handle can be used on both sides of the wrapper and the labels can be rotated in either direction.

For wider labels up to 255 mm (10 inches), select CAT-3-10-INCHES. Model CAT-3-ACH includes an adjustable core holder that fits any size core from 25mm to 101mm diameter and up to 155mm wide. The CAT-3-CHUCK includes LABELMATE’s durable QuickChuck tm quick release chuck for faster loading and unloading of cores and label rolls. The CAT-40G is a drive motor designed for higher torque. It accepts larger rolls up to 400mm in diameter.The CAT-3-TA is a CAT-3 with a tension arm, specially designed for use in applications where fixed web tension is required. TA attachment is available for all CAT-3 models. APG-CAT is an additional adjustable paper guide that you can install on CAT-3-ACH or CHUCK models in a few minutes. This inexpensive accessory guides the outer edge of the label roll so that it lies flat during rewinding.